All the rules are the same as those of the CMCA rallies.


Smoking is discouraged at certain rallies and gatherings, and is strictly prohibited in food

preparation and consumption areas. In any case, smoking is not permitted within four metres of such

areas. Please consider other members.


Dogs and other animials are a significant source of friction at rallies and gatherings. Dogs should be kept on a lead when in public places and must be kept under control at all times.

They are strictly prohibited from places where food or drinks are consumed, particularly happy hours

and from formal meetings.  Animals are not permitted in the marquee. When attending the entertainment dogs are allowed at the back of the tents. Dogs must not be tethered or led in such a way that allows them to alarm or threaten.  Dogs that have a tendency to snap or bite should be muzzled when outside their owner’s vehicle. Guide and assistance dogs that are properly registered and wearing identifying coats or marks are generally excepted from these restrictions.

Owners are responsible for cleaning up any ‘mess’ deposited by their pet.


Generators should only be run to recharge batteries and not to run kitchen appliances, etc.

They should have a noise level not exceeding 68dB and should only be run between 9:00am and

4:00pm.  Generators should not be run for more than two consecutive hours.

If generators need be run outside the designated hours,  then the member will be relocated to a more appropriate site.

Night soil: No buckets or cassettes to be emptied in the toilets, there is a dump point.

Noise: Please no noise after 10 PM.

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